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Translations and revisions, status 2013 [Update July 2014], by Urantia-Foundation.

The translation and revision teams, led by Georges Michelson-Dupont, provided the following information:

  • The Czech translation: Vaclàv and Helen Kadrnka have completed the Czech translation up to paper 194 after six to seven years of intense daily work on this “labor of love.” They consider this version a first draft and intend to improve it over the next two years.
  • The Farsi translation: The Farsi translation is a translation of The Urantia Book directed toward the Islamic culture. The work on this translation started many years ago. You may read the inspiring story of the Farsi translation at: https://www.urantia.org/news/2013‐06/translating‐urantia-book-farsi-inspiring-story-how-project-began. About 50% of the translation is now complete [Status 2014 ⇒ 104 Papers completed].
  • The Hebrew translation: The chief translator, Gabriel Rymberg, is making progress on the translation is now working on paper 28. The revising editor, Avi Dogim, is on paper 16, and the final editor is on paper 6 [Status 2014 ⇒ Paper 57 of the first draft. Evaluation recently completed].
  • The Indonesian translation: Work on this translation started in April 2013 under the supervision of the chief translator, Nugroho Widi. Before Widi started working with Urantia Foundation he had already translated 60 papers. We are hopeful that the final version will be ready for publication in 2017 [Status 2014 ⇒ Paper 146 of the first draft].
  • The Japanese translation: The first draft of a Japanese translation has been completed. Special thanks go to Hagiko Wattles for her enormous efforts for the Japanese people [Status 2014 ⇒ First draft completed].
  • The Spanish revision: The Spanish revision team consisting of Carmelo Martínez, (chief translator), Olga López, Raúl Pujol, and Aníbal Pacheco is moving forward with their work. They are hopeful to finish this complex revision by 2018. Most of the work is done via the translator website and Skype so you can imagine how much they are looking forward to an upcoming face to face meeting. Special thanks go to Víctor García-Bory for his steadfast leadership on this project [Status 2014 ⇒ Revision on Paper 78].
  • The Portuguese revision: Susana Huttner leads a team of five long-term readers who are now on paper 38. Thanks to Susana’s commitment, we feel confident that this revision will be finished in five years [Status 2014 ⇒ Revision on Paper 66].
  • The Chinese revision: The Chinese translation of The Urantia Book has been translated and revised once. It is now under the second revision, and at the end of June, Richard Zhu had revised 25 papers plus the Foreword. [Status 2016 ⇒ “Simplified” Chinese translation should be completed in 2019].
  • The French revision: The newly revised French translation has been printed, and distribution has begun [Status 2014. Evaluation recently completed].
  • The Russian revision: On Paper 155 [Status 2014].
  • Index to The Urantia Book: Final edits are being done to Urantia Foundation’s Index to The Urantia Book. The team of Cece Forester, Larry Watkins, and Tamara Strumfeld are making their final edits and corrections. Plans are being made by the book committee to launch the index in 2015.

Another team consisting of Marilynn Kulieke, team captain, Georges Michelson-Dupont, Henk Mylanus, and Jay Peregrine are developing a long-range plan for translations and revisions. This plan will include a ten-year financial forecast, a ten-year work plan, and policies and processes to accomplish the work. The plan will become the road map for the Foundation’s translation work for years to come. Thank you to the team for spending an immense amount of your time developing this plan.